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Top 8 Indian Celebrity Home Interiors With Trendy Designs 

Imagine flipping through magazine pictures and awwing at the celebrity home interiors. 

Indian celebrities blow our minds with their top-notch performances. Also, they set fashion trends when they walk the red carpet. Similarly, their homes reflect their decor taste, an extension of their personality. 

Whether it’s a glam room or just a balcony, every corner of the celebrity house speaks of serenity. The celebrity home interior designs mentioned here are lavish and incredibly beautiful. Let’s explore the stunningly beautiful homes of some Indian celebrities.

1. Sachin Tendulkar’s Residence At BKC, Mumbai

The God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, surely knows how to keep the audience intact on the pitch. This goes true in the case of his home as well. 

The architect, Mr Prakash Sapre, can be credited for bringing Sachin’s dreams and vision to life. The bungalow satisfies each of Sachin’s desires and is Vastu-compliant. The house, from the inside, is an architectural masterpiece meticulously constructed and resplendently decorated. 

The heavenly paradise is a 3-storey tower with 2 basements and a terrace. The magnificent property is decorated with a dark wooden double door with geometric carvings. The bungalow is designed with 10 spacious rooms and uber-premium amenities.  

The lower basement accommodates parking up to 50 vehicles, while the upper basement houses the kitchen, servant quarters and a master surveillance area for security. 

Sachin Tendulkar’s Residence At BKC, Mumbai
Image Credit: Architecturaldigest

2. Shahrukh khan’s Residence In Mumbai

Whenever you think of Shahrukh Khan’s home Mannat, you would probably imagine its luxurious textures, extraordinary accents and detailed accessories. The elusive Mannat is a well-known marvel with classy and sophisticated interiors.

Gauri Khan herself designed this stunning mansion that is more opulent than anyone could imagine. This luxurious paradise has huge lounges in the bars and sports rooms to entertain guests. 

It has a vast library, a swimming pool, a gym, a small theatre, and a parking garage in the basement.  From gorgeous colours to handpicked decor pieces, this home of the star has one of the most thoughtful interior designs.

Shahrukh khan’s Residence In Mumbai
Image Credit – Wonderfulmumbai

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3. Hrithik Roshan’s Residence In Mumbai

Whether it’s on the big screen or at his beautiful and breezy seaside home, Hrithik Roshan surely knows how to keep his audiences entertained.  Just like his personality, this celebrity house imbues a unique style that is truly timeless.

The living room has a wall-mounted movable photo grid wall. The accents placed in the entire house are sea-inspired. Besides this, the living area has a billiard, a foosball table and a chocolate vending machine. Apart from the actor’s home office and a library, there’s a whitewashed brick wall where the film star enjoys weekend screening films. 

Hrithik Roshan’s Residence In Mumbai
Image Credit: Architecturaldigest

4. Rajnikanth’s House In Chennai

Rajnikanth has built a house that is a version of himself, simple living with high thinking. The living rooms have sophisticated interiors and give a fancy view. The clean line and voids made of wooden panels, glass, and metal railings are the major attractions of this celebrity home interiors. 

Also, the home interior design is perfectly executed with marble flooring and cream-coloured interiors. The walls are painted in a natural colour scheme with wooden work everywhere. A crystal chandelier creates a princely living area. If you are a die-hard fan of Thaliva, you will surely cherish the entire home decor, royal furniture and greenery around the house.

Rajnikanth’s House In Chennai
Image Credit: Scoopify

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5. Priyanka Chopra’s Residence In Los Angeles

Everything PC does is stylish. And so is her house. Priyanka Chopra’s abode is an ultra showstopper with meticulously organised and well-designed luxurious home interiors. The actor’s Los Angeles house has a pleasant and homey atmosphere. The home mixes a contemporary aesthetic with cosy picks that add to the snug vibes.

The living room has several seating arrangements with plush cream sofas, ivory floors, a stonewall fireplace, floor-to-ceiling windows etc. 

What’s more striking about this Bollywood celebrity house interior is how it integrates the lush outdoors with the interiors. The interior is extraordinary and mingles ideas from a diverse range of things.

Priyanka Chopra’s Residence In Los Angeles
Image Credit: Architecturaldigest

6. Mukesh Ambani’s Residence In Mumbai

We couldn’t help adding this 400,000 sq ft lavish house to the list of celebrity home interiors. The theme mainly focuses on the sun and lotus carved into stone, marble crystals and mother-of-pearl. The mythological Atlantic Island inspires the interiors. 

Pastel’s colour palette adds a serene vibe to the entire mansion. Many of its spaces are in various brown, cream and beige hues. The aesthetic furniture complements the tranquillity of the interior. Chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling give the finishing touch. The house has state-of-art amenities like an ice cream parlour, a gym, a yoga centre, a spa, a temple, etc.

Mukesh Ambani’s Residence In Mumbai
Image Credit: Architecturaldigest

7. Ratan Tata’s Retirement Residence In Mumbai

This elegant property is a 7-storey structure. The first floor has a living room, study room, bedrooms, and a large sun deck that covers the entire floor. The deck can accommodate 50-60 people for parties. It has an in-house gym, playroom, media room, and infinity swimming pool.

White house paint colours of the residence reflects elegance. Large windows and an open lawn offer a contemporary look. The house has a sitting area that showcases Mr Tata’s simplicity and love for minimalism with a 3-seater sofa, a centre table with a plush carpet and a few potted plants. 

You have a favourite corner in your room, right? Why not decorate this corner with low seating arrangements at Mr Tata’s house?

8. Kalki Koechlin’s Residence In Pondicherry

Kalki Koechlin’s abode in Pondicherry reflects the traditional flavours of Tamil Nadu. The large wooden doors and windows give a rustic vibe and ensure continuous airflow. What used to be a large open courtyard is transformed into a seating place in earthy tones and simple lighting fixtures.

The house is a perfect balance between luxury and comfort. The country-style kitchen has brick wallpaper and a wooden crockery unit that makes the kitchen look more organized. Bedrooms are spacious with wooden tones that provide a pleasing look. 

Kaliki Koechlin’s house reveals an unconventional difference from regular celebrity home interiors but is still a splendid example of a tasteful celebrity home interior design.

Kalki Koechlin’s Residence In Pondicherry
Image Credit: Livspace

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